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Wake Up

Wake Up

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This necklace featuring a clock as its centerpiece, can be seen as an homage to both Spike Lee and Flavor Flav, serving as a representation of our need to seek truth and awaken to important social issues.

Spike Lee's recurring use of the phrase "Wake up!" in his films is a call to action for audiences to become aware of and engage with critical social issues.

The phrase "Wake up!" encapsulates the idea of being conscious and alert to the realities of the world, particularly those related to racial and social injustices.

Flavor Flav's iconic clock necklace has a unique origin story, originating from a drug addict selling stolen shower clocks in his neighborhood.

Wearing the clock as a piece of jewelry became a symbol of rebellion and non-conformity.

- 8mm white glass beads

-3mm pink, green, and yellow glass beads

-Hematite spacers

-Fully functional clock charm

-Lobster clasp closure

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