Combining Passions

My mission extends beyond crafting exquisite jewelry; it
encompasses a commitment to social responsibility and animal welfare. I use the
power of my creations to bring awareness to the critical need for support in
the foster and adoption community. By featuring my foster dogs in pictures
alongside my jewelry, I aim to shine a spotlight on the dire situation these
animals face, encouraging compassion, advocacy, and positive action.

In collaboration with Lucky Dog Animal Rescue, I've
dedicated myself to being a catalyst for change. Through my jewelry, I tell the
stories of the resilient and lovable foster dogs who have become a part of my
family. Our collaboration with Lucky Dog not only provides a loving home for
these animals but also supports the broader mission of finding permanent homes
for countless others.

I believe that art and advocacy can coexist harmoniously.
Every piece of jewelry is a canvas for expressing my passion for the welfare of
all beings, serving as a visual call to action. My customers are not just
patrons; they are advocates for change.

Follow my journey @easybeingreen23 on TikTok, where I share
the joyous faces of my foster dogs. Join me in my commitment to fostering a
community of compassion, kindness, and a brighter future for animals in search
of forever homes.